Post 5 | Nashville

The American Legion is a national non-profit organization developed to bring veterans together, serve our community, help those in need, and promote the spirit of Americanism. In Nashville we hold these values as our highest priority and have proudly served the community since 1926. We welcome all veterans to join us in our efforts and fellowship.

What We Do…

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Help Veterans in Need

Serving our nation is one of our greatest honors, but returning to civilian life presents many challenges that only veterans can understand. One of our greatest goals is ensure that veterans have access to the resources they need to continue to serve and thrive in the Nashville area.

Need Help? That’s why we are here. Visit our Resources page to find links to find area resources that serve Veterans and their families.

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Serve Our Community

From supporting Boy Scouts and little league teams, to honoring our police or preventing veteran homelessness, Post 5 believes that what makes our nation great are the people and causes that we invest our selves in the most. As a post, we are always looking for another opportunity to make a difference.

Fmr. Commander Carl Stasiunas and friend .

Gather Together

Nobody understands a veteran better than another veteran. Because we believe that life is better when we enjoy it with others, every week Post 5 hosts events and gatherings to bring together veterans. All are welcome to attend and we hope that you will join us.

Check out our Events page to discover what we are doing near you soon!